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I am amazed at your reading. You are right on track. Thank you for the depth of your reading and for explaining everything so well. I appreciate it a lot. Thanks so much again and I wish you a lot of light. 

Candice G. 

That's disturbing; crazy accurate. Looks like Asia is the winner like you said. Sorry about laughing when you suggested a reading to see what was in the cards for me."  

Randall O. 


I read your reading over & over again & think about your suggestions. Thank you for the very wise advice. You are right & the guidance is helpful. It is my honor and blessing to have you as my reader.



"Thank you for the insightful reading.  You are definitely correct.  Your reading let's me know what I need to focus on. You are a very intuitive reader! "  Joseph

"Thank you for the reading. The reading is clear and answers the question asked. I will remember the advice when I have to make a decision." Anu


"I  really  aprreciate  Your  Correct  Discerning  InSight  which You're  Right. After  recieving  Your  Powerful reading  that justified everything. I will  move  forward  as You had  advised  Me  to  do"  R. Moreno

"Thank you so much.  This reading was right on spot!  Bless you for your time and energy!" Pam M.

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Tarot Readings are subject to interpretation & are for educational, strategic living & entertainment purposes only. No guarantee of 100% accuracy can be given since you effect the trajectory of your own life. The cards help you see possibilities. However, the power of change lies within you. I am a Tarot card reader. I am not a physician nor attorney. I reserve the right to refer out, to decline providing readings and/or accept payment. Currently reading for those 18 years of age or older.

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